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What is Naturalization?

Naturalization is the process a Lawful Permanent Resident goes through to become a United States Citizen.  The Naturalization process requires the applicant to complete a United States Citizenship and Immigration Service form N-400.

The Naturalization process includes completing all of the mandatory forms and submitting all of the required evidence.  The Naturalization evidence usually includes a copy of the Green Card, photographs and the monetary fee.  These are broken down as follows:

1.  A fee payment of about $680.00 for the Form N-400.

2.  A photocopy of the petitioner’s Lawful Permanent Residence Card, also known as the Green Card.

3.  A memorandum of law detailing all of the legal justifications for granting the Naturalization petition.

4.  Two (2) color photos, U.S. passport style, with the Naturalization petitioner’s name and Alien Number written on the back.   After the Naturalization petition is filed expect the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service to thoroughly and completely review the Naturalization petitioner’s background.

After what can sometimes be many months of waiting, the Naturalization petitioner will be notified of an interview with a hearing officer from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

At this interview the Naturalization petitioner will have to demonstrate proficiency in the English language and pass an aural United States History and Government examination.

If everything is in order, which is to say that the petitioner meets the criteria for Naturalization, he will be informed of an appointment for the swearing-in ceremony.  It is at the ceremony where the petitioner takes the oath and becomes a United States citizen via Naturalization.