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If you’ve arrived at my website, the chances are that you are considering marrying or are engaged to a person from another country, otherwise known as a foreign national or an alien in the lingo of United States Immigration Law.  It would have been easier to fall in love with and marry another United States citizen, but it did not work out that way for you.  That’s okay.  I understand.  It is not like you had any real control anyway.

So here you find yourself, researching how you can get your loved one a Green Card.

Fun, isn’t it?

Well, if I am right that you are conducting research, I have good news for you.  You are finished researching!

You have arrived at my Rhode Island Immigration Lawyer website and you have found the right place!

At the risk of immodesty, you’re going to love my Rhode Island Immigration Lawyer website.  In these pages I will answer many of your questions, and probably a few you haven’t thought of yet.  Get ready because I am going to dump a lot of information on you.

But please understand that my Rhode Island Immigration Lawyer website is for informational purposes only.

It is a great website for researching, but it is not a substitute for hiring a professional Rhode Island Immigration Lawyer.  In other words, while I am going to give you much knowledge, I cannot teach you HOW to acquire what you want.  You get that when you hire me to help you.

So, I invite you to peruse my Rhode Island Immigration Lawyer website at your convenience.  Heck, even add it to your favorite sites.  And tell all your friends and relatives about me!  Trust me; they will thank you for it.

I focus my Immigration Law practice on helping United States citizens obtain Visas and Green Cards for their foreign born loved ones.  Generally, I help United States citizens file a Green Card application for their spouses, fiancés, Immediate Relatives and family members.  And when the time is right, I also handle the Naturalization process.

On a serious note, United States Immigration Law is very, very complicated.  There are “can’t miss” deadlines and many things have to be accomplished at the same time.  As a Rhode Island Immigration Lawyer I can tell you that United States Immigration Law is highly technical and there are many opportunities for making mistakes.  And mistakes in the Green Card application process can be devastating . . . and permanent!

In most areas of life you can make mistakes with only limited consequences.  Some of the best advice I have given to those seeking my opinion is to be unafraid to make mistakes.

This is not true of United States Immigration Law.  Generally speaking, mistakes in this process cannot be corrected.  For example, if a Green Card application is denied, it is an unfortunate reality that it is nearly impossible to ever get the application approved.

I tell you this not to frighten or scare you, but because it is the truth.  And you need to know what you are getting into.

Once you have finished reading my Rhode Island Immigration Lawyer website, or whenever you are ready, give me a call.  I answer my own telephone.  We can schedule a no pressure meeting to thoroughly review the entire Visa, Green Card and Naturalization application process.

I look forward to meeting you.